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Begin your journey to a fulfilling career within the UAS industry by joining our top-tier
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Remote Pilot License (RPL) Multi Rotor 

Remote Pilot License (RPL) Multi Rotor Foundation course for anyone looking into operate a multi rotor (MR) drone commercially.


Remote Pilot License (RPL) Fixed Wing

Foundation course for anyone looking to operate a fixed wing (FW) or VToL drone commercially.


Remote Pilot License (RPL) Conversion Program

Enables a holder of an RPL from an ICAO contracting state to convert their license to a KCAA issued RPL.


We offer customized and cost-effective solutions to meet your corporate and individual needs. Let UAS technology be a solution to your business transformation. 
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Through our world class equipment and certified personnel we offer a wide variety of services across different industries to ensure you quality work at cost effective rates allowing you to save your working capital for your core business needs.


Make the most of every UAS flight by ensuring effective data collection, transmission, processing, and storage to meet every customer’s needs.


Tailor-made and cost effective maintenance solutions to ensure your aircraft are always ready to go.

UAS Traffic Management

We take away the hassle that comes with managing your UAS assets i.e.

Giving you proper oversight of your operations and providing situational awareness for pilots during flight. 
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Commercial drones make a beeline for top flight in shift by Kenyan firms

Drone technology will reduce the period for fertiliser application on the tea fields, ensuring that application coincides with good weather conditions, and enhance crop yields while reducing attendant costs and adverse impacts on humans and the environment.

Using drones to plant seeds and spray pesticides and fertiliser is growing in popularity in many parts of the country as farmers grapple with a labor shortage as more youth are lured to better-paying construction jobs and less tedious boda-boda operations.

Drone agriculture technology offers better product supply accountability and accessibility to tough terrains. Drones have revolutionized agriculture by offering farmers major cost savings and enhancing regional efficiency.

As a leading agricultural enterprise, Kipkebe is uniquely positioned to lead our industry toward the future of sustainable farming due to its rich heritage, commitment to innovation, learning, and continuous improvement.