Avoid the hustle and tussle of aviation regulatory hurdles, and let the experts cater to your operational needs. We offer customized end to end solutions at a fixed monthly service fee that includes:

  • Site operations setup.
  • Trained and certified pilots.
  • Operations Management.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Equipment and personnel insurance.
  • Data collection, management and processing.

We are ramping up the range of services and applications on offer for enterprises and corporations.



Surveillance & Aerial Mapping

UAS have proven to be more cost-effective and agile than the conventional use of helicopters for law enforcement surveillance and landscape surveying. With built-in accurate auto mission functions and precise positioning systems, the use of UAS technology rapidly improves surveillance and aerial mapping operations.

Inspection & Engineering works

Timely and effective infrastructure and equipment inspection such as power lines and construction sites, are essential for modern economic development. Any technical drawbacks can be immediately and effectively assessed and remedied - all the while ensuring employee safety and delivering data of the requisite quality. 3D imaging and real time data capturing embedded in UAS functionalities have proven useful in industrial inspections and is one of the most common commercial use cases for UAS technology.

Emergency & Rescue Services

Innovation in camera technology has enhanced the scope that UAS use can serve in the recent past. Using thermal imaging, it can detect any living being not visible to the naked eye, making it a useful tool in search and rescue operations. Powerful cameras, paired with the right software, can be used to plan emergency responses better, maximizing their impact in the event of a natural disaster.


Agriculture in Africa is one of the greatest economic pillars, supporting millions of households. The use of UAS in the industry unlocks a niche that seeks to improve the crop yield while reducing the impact of potential environmental risks. UASs cover large portions of land within a short period, automating redundant processes in data collection, while offering a wider scope of available data to use, leading to an improved overall farming efficiency.

Transportation Services

The flexibility and maneuverability of UASs coupled with their relatively smaller footprint as compared to other transportation and delivery options has placed the technology at a prime spot to revolutionize the industry. This can be seen in the successful delivery of humanitarian aid packages and emergency medical supplies to remote locations. Presenting a faster, reliable and cheaper solution. Ultimately, urban area package deliveries and personal air transport are pegged to follow suit.


We understand that UAS Data per flight can be a little overwhelming. At Fahari Aviation, we not only support you with the collection of your data but also streaming, processing and storage solutions. We have a team of data experts who will provide you with custom solutions to meet your exact needs. Our customers enjoy prompt, secure and cost-effective UAS services that facilitates sound decision making.

Our deliverables include:

  • General aerial photography and Videos
  • Secure live feed transmission
  • Asset/infrastructure inspection imagery and reports
  • Orthomosaic Maps
  • 3D point clouds, textured and mesh models
  • Thermal imagery and mapping
  • Contour Maps
  • Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models


We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and provide operational flexibility, tailoring our offering to maximize results.

  • Diverse Range of Equipment
  • Flexible operating terms
  • Competitive price range
  • Reliable services

Let UAS technology be a solution to your business transformation. CONTACT US to find out how.

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